Monday, October 20, 2014


The best thing for your soul when your feeling uninspired is to go out and find something to inspire you. You can't sit around and wait for your mind to go to a beautiful place, you have to take it there. This whole week I just sat around looking at all of these beautiful images of beautiful people doing beautiful things and I felt sorry for myself because that wasn't my life. I was running straight from class to work and back to class again all week long and as you can imagine I wasn't feeling so glamorous. However come sunday when I had the whole day off and to myself I decided it was time to inspire myself. I got all dressed up in beautiful clothing and ran off to forest with my handsome boyfriend to take these pictures. I must say, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Obviously, I'm not giving up my little white dress obsession just because the seasons have changed. Pairing the dress with a knit duster and a wide brim felt hat helped me transform the dress from a more summer oriented piece to a knows-no-season dress. I got so excited when I saw this pictures because I just loved how the bright red accents in my outfit compliment the gorgeous leaf covered grounds. This outfit just screams Fall to me!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Sometimes I feel like my style has a mind of its own. One second I'm standing in my robe staring at my overflowing closet thinking, I have nothing to wear and the next second I'm dressed hat to heels in a fully put together outfit. I never assume when I'm walking down the street that everyone I pass by is loving my outfit, I'm sure I earn quite a few "What the hell is that girl wearing?" comments. As a girl who spent all of high school just trying to blend in, I've learned that toning your true self down because of your fear of others opinions is a painful way to live. With that being said I don't dress the way I do simply to be noticed, I dress the way I do because thats how I find my confidence.

"Live life to express, not to impress"

Thursday, October 9, 2014


The most important thing for me when it comes to fashion is to make sure I'm having always fun. I don't wear simplistic outfits because quite frankly, they bore me. Not that I don't admire those girls who can rock jeans and a t-shirt like their walking down a runway but thats just not me. Yeah I'll wear jeans and a t-shirt but I'll have on red heels, an oversized hat, or a whole lot of necklaces (or maybe all three!). Getting dressed in the morning is my favorite part of the day and it's just not as fun when you're only putting on two pieces, I need a little something more.

Monday, October 6, 2014


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this coat is? I have said before that I hate colder weather because I think jackets ruin outfits. However, now I think that sometimes jackets can make the whole outfit and this shaggy coat is a perfect example. With a jacket like this, even in jeans and a t-shirt you'll stand out in the crowd. As one of my favorite quotes goes...

"If you don't fit in, then you're probably doing the right thing."