Sunday, June 28, 2015

That American Philly Life

Hello my loves! Here is my first photo shoot since the move to Philly. I'm still getting used to the new city but I'm loving every second of getting lost in familiar places and exploring every little corner. I can't believe my time here is already half way finished, I still feel like I just barely arrived. I'm going to take in everything I can while I'm still here and just be young, wild, and free.

Photos by Jess Farran | Website | Instagram

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vintage Vibes

Okay before my mom starts having a panic attack, these are temporary tattoos. Truthfully, I've been really wanting more tattoos (and have actually gotten one more since these photos were taken) so I bought a bunch of temporary tattoos to satisfy the need until I'm completely sure of what I want. What I always know I want though is more Novella Royale. I saw this dress on Threadsense and decided I couldn't live without it. I actually wore it to my first day at my Free People internship here in Philly. Which, by the way, has been amazing so far. I'm still getting used to Philly as a place to live but seriously loving the office. I'm actually taking over the snapchat tomorrow so be sure to follow us (freepeople) on snapchat to see a day in my life as an intern.

Can you tell my mind is all over the place right now?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Thrashed to Hell

Same Old Chic Thrashed to Hell Tee* | AC for AG Kety Skirt | Urban Outfitters Metal Tipped Belt (Similar) | Vanessa Mooney x Dolce Vita Montey Heels (Sold Out) | Maje Bag

When I first saw these awesome ripped up vintage thrashed to hell tees I immediately fell in love. Nothing like a few holes here and there to spice up a boring outfit.  These photos were taken on my last day in Portland and I've already busted this shirt out multiple times since my move to Philly. It's just so effortless for me and goes with almost anything. Lately, I've been so busy that effortless is all I can handle!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

City Vibes

Spell Maxi Kimono | Vintage Tee | Vintage Necklace | Urban Renewal Levi Shorts | Chicwish Satchel | Not Rated Keep The Peace Sandals |  Ray-Bans Clubmasters

Oh my, how this week has been a blur.
 I moved all the way across the country and started my full-time internship all in the matter of days. The most stressful part of all of course has been getting to know a new (and very humid) city.  I think this outfit will become somewhat of a uniform for me as the summer goes on. Some cut-off shorts, a simple tank, a kimono to throw over for those heavily air conditioned places and most immortally a killer pair of shoes. Now you know I'd pick heels over flats any day but it's not exactly practical when you have to walk everywhere. These fringe beauties have been getting me through the pains of adjusting to a new city!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Secret Garden

"I must have flowers always and always."

I've mentioned this quote by my favorite artist, Claude Monet, many times now but here it is again because I feel a connection to it. Maybe thats why he's my favorite artist because in some ways we can we see the world the same. The other day I went to a location I often go to take blog photos but this time I found a little secret pathway lined with some gorgeous greenery. It was perfect because I was wearing this stunning flower crown (seriously beautiful) and here I've stumbled across a lovely little secret garden. The perfect way to showcase it.