(Urban Outfitters Skinny Racerback Dress, Free People Pentagon Pendent, Lookbook Store Tassel Bag, Mojave Hat, Vanessa Mooney x Dolce Vita Montey Heel, Bella & Chloe Vintage Ring)

I'm desperately clinging onto the last days of summer we have left. I'm going to miss the wave of heat you feel when you first step outside, open toed shoes, and daring bits of skin. Mostly, I'm going to miss the feeling of freedom that comes with summer. Even though I'm working and doing a summer term I still feel this endless sense of possibility when I see the sun blaring outside my window. However I will admit that while the feeling of summer is by far my favorite, I have a serious love for the fashions of fall. It's a bittersweet end.

Always and Always

If theres one simple thing that brightens my whole day, it's flowers. I really can't explain the exact science as to why flowers make me happy, I just know that seeing the delicacy of a perfect flower gives me a good feeling. I like to believe that my favorite artist, Claude Monet, understood exactly how I feel. His paintings say everything I can't quite put into words about my love for flowers. After all he did once say...

"I must have flowers, always and always."

and I'm with him.

Wind Blown

 If theres one thing that never fails me, it's the sale room at Urban Outfitters.When pieces are marked down to super low prices, I tend to be more daring with my purchases. "I may never wear this but it's okay because it's only $7.99!" is the type of thought that crosses my mind. Maybe that's borderline shopaholic but I'm a firm believer in taking risks with the things you buy. Otherwise your wardrobe can get really boring, really fast.


Sometimes I get so stuck on styling the new pieces in my wardrobe that I forget about all the good things I've kept around for years. My mom gave me this tunic/dress when I was in middle school. I remember wearing it over some jeans that didn't really fit right and I thinking I looked like a million bucks. Over the years my style has been all over the place and evolved into what it is today but no matter what new trend I was trying out this dress always made it every step along the way. The little black dress is truly eternal. 

Something Something

If theres one thing my style is not, it's subtle. Blending into the crowd is not exactly my thing, I prefer to stand out. These sequin shorts definitely stand out in a crowd because when they catch the light just right they sparkle and who doesn't love a little sparkle?

This tassel bag has been glued to my hip lately because just like the shorts, it's different! I needed a simple black purse that would match everything but I guess I don't really do simple that well and needed a bag with a little extra something something.

In other news, I'm so honored to have been featured on Feel and Flourish!
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