Nothing says fall is coming like the perfect pair of overalls. These corduroy overalls were my go to last year and I'm so excited to bring them out again. It's still a little bit too hot for fall layers so I paired it with a crop top. I love this combination because it puts a feminine twist on the more boyish overalls.

Bohemian Royale

When the new Spell Collection was released I longed to get my hands on one of the beautiful pieces. Lets be honest, when am I not longing for a new piece from Spell? Something about this skirt caught my attention, the movement. I've always loved clothing that uses movement to it's advantage. Fabrics that catch the wind or make me feel like I'm dancing when I'm walking are my weakness. The best part about this skirt is the wear-ability. Here, I wore it trekking through Mt. Tabor but the day before I wore it shopping downtown and tomorrow I'm probably going to wear it to work. I don't care if the people I frequently see are thinking get a new skirt. I don't want to, I love this one.


"If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens." 
-Fay Weldon

In one of my classes we're assigned to read this book on how to make a story stick and one of the key factors to getting people to remember your stories is unexpectedness. I like to think that this applies to fashion too. You never remember the outfit of the girl who walked by in a white tee and jeans, you remember the outfit of the girl who tried something new. The girl who made you think I want to try that is the girl who sticks out to you. In a crowd of women wearing only black and white, don't you want to be that one in color? Don't you want to stand out?

Cool Down

Even though I have a love affair with summer as a season I'm starting to get pretty excited for fall. If theres one thing I've missed wearing it's leather jackets. I literally have five leather jackets in my possession and I'm still always craving more. As you can see, I'm also pretty excited about tall socks.
Tall socks allow you the opportunity show a little bit of skin while still keeping you warm and covered up. Theres just so many fun styling opportunities that come with the layers of Fall and I can't wait to share them all with you guys!


I'm always surprised when people describe my style as "effortless" because in all honesty, it's anything but. Yes, some mornings outfits just seamlessly come together but most of the time my vanity is covered in a pile of outfit rejects. This outfit ended up being one of those rare occasions where everything fit together perfectly. It's probably because of my new found love for chambray shirts. Just throw a chambray over whatever your wearing and ta-da a whole new look!