I'm always surprised when people describe my style as "effortless" because in all honesty, it's anything but. Yes, some mornings outfits just seamlessly come together but most of the time my vanity is covered in a pile of outfit rejects. This outfit ended up being one of those rare occasions where everything fit together perfectly. It's probably because of my new found love for chambray shirts. Just throw a chambray over whatever your wearing and ta-da a whole new look!

It's Personal

Working retail I have developed a few pet peeves when it comes to women's shopping habits. "I love this but.... it's not really my style." and the even worse "I love this but.... my husband won't like it." are two of the biggest ones.
One of the reasons I hate using categories to define style is that it makes you feel like you have to fit into that mold. I guarantee if you like it, then it's probably your style. Maybe classic red heels like these don't fit with my usual bohemian pieces but so what? I like them and thats all that matters. That's the most amazing thing about personal style, it's personal.
Second, nothing pisses me off more than a woman not wearing something because a man told her she shouldn't. No self respecting woman dresses for a man, no self respecting woman dress for anyone but herself.
Despite the disgusted face your husband made when you showed him your brand new overalls, wear them anyway! 
When you came out of the fitting room in that dress that made you feel dreamy and your friend said "Yeah, but thats not really your style.", buy it anyway!

"If you want to be happy, then be happy."

A Story For Queens

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a huge Novella Royale fan. The pieces they create are essentially simple in silhouette but they imagine prints and colors like no one else. I also love the fact that everything this brand makes is made with an environmentally friendly mindset and the designs are cut from recycled fabric. My wardrobe is certainly not shy of statement pieces and this skirt is yet another one for me to add to my slowly growing Novella Royale collection. I can't wait until it gets a little cooler and I can pair it with a chunky sweater and boots!


The second this backpack arrived on my doorstep, I thought of one thing and one thing only. 


The Merriam Webster Dictionary describes adventure as (1) an undertaking usually evolving danger and unknown risks and (2) an exciting or remarkable experience. Theres something so hauntingly beautiful about those definitions.  Like when you hear them you can't help but feel a wanting to go experience an adventure of your own. Now, we won't all get to experience adventure on a level of epic-ness like Bilbo Baggins but I like to think that life in general is an adventure. It's not always safe but don't you think we should all set out to live remarkable lives?


(Urban Outfitters Skinny Racerback Dress, Free People Pentagon Pendent, Lookbook Store Tassel Bag, Mojave Hat, Vanessa Mooney x Dolce Vita Montey Heel, Bella & Chloe Vintage Ring)

I'm desperately clinging onto the last days of summer we have left. I'm going to miss the wave of heat you feel when you first step outside, open toed shoes, and daring bits of skin. Mostly, I'm going to miss the feeling of freedom that comes with summer. Even though I'm working and doing a summer term I still feel this endless sense of possibility when I see the sun blaring outside my window. However I will admit that while the feeling of summer is by far my favorite, I have a serious love for the fashions of fall. It's a bittersweet end.