Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New In

Most people wouldn't consider leopard printed booties as an wardrobe essential but I can't tell you how many times I've thought to myself "if only I had leopard booties" when getting dressed in the morning. I was mostly inspired by Blair of Love, Blair who rocks her leopard wedged boots in every almost every single outfit she posts. I can't wait to start styling these, there are so many possibilities!

You've already seen my wear this twice but thats because it's just too beautiful to leave hanging. It's not only the perfect holiday skirt but it's a real show stopper.

As many of you may know I've been freezing my butt off trying to put together outfits that not only keep me warm but also look cute as well. A new coat was much needed in a wardrobe. Why this one? Because I don't own anything like it and mostly because since it's collarless I won't have any problem pairing it with one of many hats.

When the personal shopper at my work pointed this dress out to me, I knew it was meant to be. This lovely dress is just as cute as it is comfy and the elbow patches are the perfect little detailed touch.

You know me and my necklaces, I like my necklaces to make a statement and if they don't I layer them on until they do. Lucky for me, this one makes a statement all on it's own.

By no means did I "need" this dress but after trying it on I NEEDED it. Theres really no way to describe it other than adorable. All I wanted to do while wearing it was spin around in circles, to me thats what makes a good dress.

Ah the little black dress, a girl can never have to many. This little number is flattering in all of the right places and the drop waist skirt is the perfect extra flair.

Modina Boutique Red Cropped Moto Jacket 

Yet another one of my essentially non-essential wardrobe needs. Those of you who love color are probably rejoicing at the fact that I'm finally wearing something non-neutral/dark. I'll still probably be pairing this with all black but it will sure match my red lips.

Every beauty guru swears by the magic of Urban Decay Naked Palettes so i thought I'd give it a little spin. While I love glits and glam in my clothes I usually like to keep my makeup eye makeup simple so my bright red lips can shine so these matte shades are perfect. So far I've used this every single day since I got it.

You may recognize this from my winter wish list well my wishes came true. The details on the cuffs are what sold me on this particular thermal. Just imagine how cute it look layered under short sleeves or peaking out from my capes.

I firmly believe every girl needs a sequin jacket. I mean, why not!? This is the perfect way to dress up a t-shirt and jeans or add that extra something something to your little black dress. With the holidays coming up this is for sure an essential.

Oh how I can't wait for this month to end and the new year to begin, mainly because my new planner is way too cute. Each month as a beautiful illustration based on the theme of travel.

This I already posted as well and this is something I needed, warmth. This has been at my work for a while now but I always passed it up until I saw a girl wearing it styled in the cutest way and I knew I had to have it. You never where inspiration will strike!

Statement rings are a new obsession of mine. I generally prefer to layering on lots of little rings but I felt it was time to try something new and I'm loving it.  Again, this is another items I've worn every single day since getting it.

Madewell Skirt 

This skirt off doesn't look like anything special but on it's adorable and it's the perfect christmas green. Can't wait to show this off with some printed tights and a statement necklace.

My mom actually bought this top for herself but when I saw she was returning it begged her to let me try it on and it fit perfectly. So perfectly that my mom let me keep it for myself. I actually wore it pretty much every single day when I was home in California so you've already seen it styled at least three different ways and I can't wait to keep seeing how many ways I can wear it.

And saving the best for last....

 Kate Spade Owl Bag

When I first saw the clutch version of this bag here at the Kate Spade here in Portland I died a little bit inside. It's massively large price tag was much too much to spend on a clutch considering how little I use them but I just could not get the little clutch out of my head. Imagine to volume of my gasp as I walked into the San Francisco Kate Spade and saw this magnificent thing up on a high shelf. Lucky for me Kate Spade had a great black friday deal and my dad was feeling very generous (THANK YOU!!). I just can't stop looking at her and smiling, she's so beautiful!

Did you guys have any black friday scores?


  1. Love all ur new things!!! The boots and the bag are gorgeous!!!


  2. so many great things!! love that sweater cable coat!



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  4. What a great items! Lovee it!

  5. i love these all so much! especially the leopard chelsea boots and the kate spade bag (adorable!!)


  6. Naked basics is great great great. If people can only buy one pallette, I always recommend it. Totally digging that FP dress too, even though I just told myself I would buy no more clothes for several months. Ugh.

  7. Also, you are really making me want those lace up heels.

  8. Okay you are so lucky! Obsessed with the drop waisted LBD, necklace, sequin jacket and faux leather top! Wish England had Black Friday :( http://bethebteam.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

  9. The skirt is so gorgeous! The light gold color, the sequins...I'm also really loving the red moto jacket. It's lovely to see you rock some color! I myself skipped black Friday and stayed home. I did indulge in cybermonday but I just bought make up palettes as gifts for my sisters and sister in law.

  10. Love those stuffs. :)
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  11. I'm loving all your new buys!! I'm glad you got a coat and that one look so chic! Also loving that Savant Swing dress!! That owl bag is so adorbs!!
    Sincerely, Sara

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  12. WOW, you got some seriously amazing new stuff! I am basically obsessed with those leopard booties. They're totally neutral...ish

    xox Jackie

  13. I love all of these items! especially that bag and those booties; I love owls!